Jesus is much more than a good teacher, a wise philosopher or a spiritual guru as our secular culture would like to portray him. The Bible clearly teaches that He is God in the flesh, fully God and fully man. He laid aside the power and privilege of his divinity in a profound demonstration of humility, supernaturally conceived in the womb of a virgin; a mystery that though we cannot comprehend it, we believe it by faith.


Jesus is not only divine and sinless but He is the revelation of God to fallen humanity. The essence of the gospel is seen fulfilled in this truth that God through the incarnation provided the only means adequate to redeem his fallen world; the perfect sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. (See Colossians 2:9, John 1:18, John 3:16-17)


We believe that every individual needs redemption from sin and can find this only by experiencing salvation through repentance and confession through faith in Jesus.